From Tumblr to WordPress


Even though WordPress is almost the default choice when one thinks of blogging, I chose Tumblr to launch my blog.

Partly because of the hype it was generating and partly because of the customisation it lent.

I was fortunate to generate lot of traction with my blog soon after launch – tweets, reblogs, share, etc.

However, I realised that I was not able to access details of the above which other Tumblr blog owners could.

Oh that horrible day when I created a ticket on this for Tumblr.

Soon after, my blog went offline for days altogether.

When it finally came up after continuous pleading to Tumblr guys, I noticed that all the data on sharing etc was lost!

I again approached their tech / customer support but in vain.

After a month, I finally gave up.

I have now realised that while Tumblr might be a great platform when it comes to functionality, it is terrible from a support perspective.

After a few months of launching my blog, I am finally relaunching it on WordPress.

Looking for the same love and respect that you guys showed me earlier.

So long.


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