Hello World!


“Not another blog”, I hear you saying.

When everybody and his brother has a blog, why should I be left behind. 🙂

Jokes apart, my motive behind this blog is not to air my high-headed opinion about everything or be a self-styled critic.

Through this blog, I intend to marry my love for technology (digital / analogue, software / hardware) with my recent OCD to write.

I keep running into tech that, I believe, needs to be talked about, for good or for bad reasons.

This blog would channel that need.

Then, there are some aspects of this world that might not have a direct relation to technology but could not have existed had this world not been technologified (whoa, did I just create a new word).

I would try and do justice to those aspects as well.

And I must mention that this blog has no connection, not even remotely, to any organisation or company by the same name.

As for me, I am a ScrumMaster working as a Project Manager with a tech company based out of New Delhi, India.

I have spent the better part of my life tinkering all kinds of things from circuit boards to bike engines to software.

So stay tuned in for good (or maybe terrible, depending on your taste) stuff.


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